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    Concrete Reclaimer

    XF-100 Two Trucks Space Concrete Reclaimer

    • Modeli :XF-100
      Sieving Capac 20-30
      Separate Stone Size: Φ>5
      Separate Sand Size: Φ1-5
      Total Motor Power(kw) :12
      Mixing Vehicle Quantity :10-30
      Host Weight: 3540
      Host Outline Dimension(m): 6.36×1.75×2.393
      Total Weight :7T
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    XF-100 Two Trucks Space Concrete Reclaimer is mainly used to separate the sewage in washing tanker and gravel remaining in concrete. Two trucks working at the same time that greatly improving the working efficiency. The sand and stone separator is the core equipment of concrete recycling system. The whole cleaning process of a mixing truck is about five minutes.

    Model XF-100
    Sieving Capacity 20-30
    Separate Stone Size Φ>5
    Separate Sand Size Φ1-5
    Total Motor Power(kw) 12
    Mixing Vehicle Quantity 10-30
    Host Weight 3540
    Host Outline Dimension(m) 6.36×1.75×2.393
    Total Weight 7T

    Back the mixer car to the set parking after roller washing pour the waste water into the feeding hopper directly. Then clean and separate in the separatorand the separated sand and stone were sent to the outlet respectively. Overflow water flows into sedimentation tank from the drainage ditch and withdraw back by pump after three stages precipitation and then recycle. The whole cleaning process of a mixing truck is about five minutes.

    It is applicable to river reservoir coal yard and mixing plant.

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