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    Concrete Mixer

    JZR Diesel Concrete Mixer

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    JZR series mobile hydraulic diesel engine concrete mixer (Manufacturer Made In China) is of bigger capacity, hydraulic self-falling type. With competitive price and superior quality. It is suitable for mixing plastic and low-slump concrete. The mixer is widely used in building site, road and bridge project, and many other construction sites.
    1. Feeding System
    JZCR series mixer feed system consists of hydraulic system, feeding rack, hopper and feed nozzle.
    2. Mixing System
    Mixing system is the main parts of concrete mixer. It is made up with mixing drum, riding wheel and transmission system.
    Drum is double cone cylinder welded with high and low blades which form an angle with mixing axis. With the drum rotating, blade make materials rise and fall down. At the same time reciprocating mix towards mixing axis, ensure an excellent mixing quality of concrete.
    Mixing drum is supported by four riding wheels. Drum rotating is achieved by gear moving.
    3. Water Supply System
    Water supply system consists of motor, water pump, control valve, water absorption valve and pipeline.
    4. Chassis
    Chassis is a welded structure, equipped with two movable tyres below. In front, it has tow bat for towing using.
    It is also equipped with supporting legs at the four corners, to ensure the stability of overall mixer while working.
    Please make sure the supporting legs are steady while mixing.
    5. Control System
    It is equipped with control cabinet with operation button.

    MODEL JZR350
    Charge Capacity 560L
    Discharge Capacity 350L
    Productivity(m3/h) 10-14m3/h
    Operation Cycles 90s
    Diesel Engine Power 11.3kw
    Starting Mode electric starting
    Drum Speed(Empty) 16r/m
    Water Tank Volume 110L
    Aggregate Diameter ≤60mm
    Tire Size 6.50-16 or customized
    Operation Dimensions 4050*2150*2950mm
    Delivery Dimensions 1950*2080*2100mm
    Weight 2050kgs

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