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    Concrete Mixer

    JS1500A Concrete Mixer

    • Model :JS1500A
      Discharging capacity :1500L
      Drum capacity: 2400L
      Productivity (m3 /h ): ≥75
      Max.aggregate size(Cobble/Crushed Stone)(mm): ≤60/80
      Operation Recycle Time(S) :60
      Dimension Transport State (mm) :4720*2200*3000
      Weight(kg) :8700
      Mixing Blade Rotate Speed :29.6r/min
      Mixing Blade Number: 2x8
      Water Pump Motor Model: BL18-16-1.1
      Water Pump Motor Power :3kw
      Discharging Height :3800mm
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    JS1500A is twin shaft horizontal forced type concrete mixer equipped with skip hoist. It can mix dry hard concrete plastic concrete flowing concrete and various mortar. It has dual superiorities of working solely or forming simple concrete mixing plant with PLD series batching machine and can also mixer for concrete batching plant. It discharges 1.5 cube meters materials every time. JS1500A used as main mixing part of HZS75 plant.

    Model JS1500A
    Discharging capacity 1500L
    Drum capacity 2400L
    Productivity (m3 /h ) ≥75
    Max.aggregate size(Cobble/Crushed Stone)(mm) ≤60/80
    Operation Recycle Time(S) 60
    Dimension Transport State (mm) 4720*2200*3000
    Weight(kg) 8700
    Mixing Blade Rotate Speed 29.6r/min
    Mixing Blade Number 2x8
    Mixing Motor Model Y180M-4
    Mixing Motor Power 2x18.5
    Winch Motor Model YEZ132M-4
    Winch Motor Power 13kw
    Water Pump Motor Model BL18-16-1.1
    Water Pump Motor Power 3kw
    Discharging Height 3800mm

    The concrete mixer is mainly made up of the mixing system feeding systemsdischarge systems water supply systems electrical systems and other components.

    It is a high-efficiency machine with wide application. 

    JS series twin-shaft compulsory mixer with high mixing efficiency good uniformity good sealing performance safety and reliability etc.advantages.
    As a professional manufacturer and supplier of stationary concrete batching plants our company has focused on the creation and innovation of stationary concrete batch plant for years. Our machine has the advantages of high quality reasonable price good performance and long service life. Up to now our machine has sold very well at home and abroad and we have varieties of stationary concrete batch plants for sale to meet your different requirements.

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