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    The 21st Asian cement trade congress was held in the Philippines

    On November 13-14, 2019, the 21st Asian cement trade congress was held in the Philippines, hosted by Singapore management technology center, attracting more than 100 delegates from 12 countries.Representatives of international cement companies such as simes, CRH group and SCG cement attended the meeting.Chen fei, director of international cooperation department of China cement association, was invited to attend the meeting and made the theme report of "overview and forecast of China cement industry".
    Starting with the global economic outlook, the conference discussed the global and regional cement market, the development trend of cement shipping, the application of digitalization in cement industry and other professional issues.
    Director Chen fei, on behalf of China cement association, was invited to give the theme report of "overview and forecast of China cement industry".The report introduced the current situation of China's cement industry from the aspects of cutting overcapacity, cement import and export, market integration, energy conservation and environmental protection technology, overseas investment, opportunities and challenges, and answered the questions raised by the participants on the policy of cutting overcapacity and the surge of cement imports.After the meeting, we had in-depth exchanges with relevant import and export companies in Vietnam on the import trend of cement clinker in the future, the increase of cement capacity in Vietnam, cement quality control and other aspects.
    At the meeting, representatives from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and other countries introduced their respective countries' cement market situation and forecast, overcapacity has become a common problem in the Asian cement industry.Representatives from Australia, Switzerland and Thailand Shared the application, technology and challenges of cement kiln collaborative disposal, alternative fuels, digital technology and 3D printing technology in the cement industry.The last link of the meeting, vice President of China building materials group sinoma international sui with wave made under the Ministry of Science and Technology support in the area along the low-carbon concrete strategic international cooperation project of the latest progress report, look forward to working with international colleagues to implement efficient instantaneous calcining the preparation of highly active auxiliary cementitious materials to the preparation of low carbon cement concrete, and answered related questions.
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