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    Anti-skid treatment of cement concrete pavement in mountainous area

    Anti-skid treatment methods for cement concrete pavement can be summarized into five methods:
    1 set mandatory speed reducer.By installing a certain number of iron or rubber speed reducer in the large longitudinal slope section, the purpose of mandatory deceleration is achieved.It is also possible to use cast-in-place concrete speed bumps about 5cm above the road surface at a certain distance.
    2 brush color anti - slip material.The road safety can be effectively improved by applying a special polymer resin adhesive on the road and sprinkling different colors of wear-resistant aggregates.
    3 manual hard engraving "herringbone pattern".A simple tool such as a chisel is used to manually chisel a line about 1c m thick with the shape of the road center line on the cement concrete face plate to increase the macroscopic anti-skid construction degree of the surface so as to achieve the purpose of anti-skid.
    4. Milling and planing the road surface.Adopt complete mill planer to mill about 1c m on the surface layer of cement concrete face plate, so that the road surface can regain the rough surface with high friction coefficient.
    5 for road painting black treatment.In order to solve the problem of anti-skid and improve the passage of the road at the same time in the market town section, mandatory deceleration facilities can effectively reduce the driving speed and traffic accidents.However, due to the artificial uneven road surface, the comfort of driving will be greatly reduced. When the speed of heavy vehicles is relatively fast, mechanical accidents may be caused, which will bring about liability disputes for the highway industry.Mandatory deceleration facilities cost about 500 yuan per meter and have a life span of one to two years. With the development of the society and the improvement of people's travel requirements, such mandatory deceleration measures will be gradually eliminated.
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