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    Maintenance method of cement concrete pavement

    Cement concrete pavement paving, should be timely maintenance.In the initial maintenance, in order to prevent cement concrete by the sun and rain, road maintenance should use spray curing agent or plastic film maintenance.Can also be used to cover the water storage of old sacks, bags, such as sprinkling maintenance.
    The road surface sprayed with maintenance agent or made anti-skid structure must be protected by specially-assigned persons. It is strictly forbidden for people, animals and vehicles to damage the road surface.After reaching 40% of the design strength, the maintenance cover can be removed to allow pedestrians and vehicles to pass.
    Adopt the curing way of spraying curing agent, spraying thickness of spraying agent must ensure the curing film.Spray should meet the water retention rate ≥ 85%.
    When using plastic film curing, its thickness should be appropriate, at the junction of two films, butt length should not be less than 1m.The plastic film must be covered tightly on the road surface to prevent it from being broken and lifted by wind.
    When adopting mulch sprinkling for curing, it is necessary to timely sprinkle water. The number of sprinkling times should be based on the weather conditions to ensure that the mulch is always in a moist state during the maintenance period. Sprinkling water 1-2 times a day on cloudy days and 2-3 times a day on sunny days.The duration of covered feeding should be at least 7d.
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