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    Discussion on construction of special parts in concrete construction(2)

    2. Concrete construction
    2.1 construction of floor concrete
    The construction method of slant layered cloth is adopted, that is, "one slope, layered pouring, step by step, once to the top".Vibration, from the lower end of the pouring layer began to move up gradually.On the occurrence of bleeding in the pouring, use the pump to remove in time.
    2.2 construction of external wall concrete
    The external wall concrete pouring adopts the chute into the mold, which makes the concrete advance gradually from one side and vibrates evenly on the concrete inclined surface.Each layer of concrete is layered with a height of 0.5m to the top.
    3. Casting of post-casting belt
    Prior to pouring, necessary treatment must be carried out on the construction joints: clean up the garbage in the joints, chisel away loose gravel and soft concrete layers of stone on the surface, and chisel hair, rinse with water, and fully wet, maintain 24h.Remove water from the joint.
    It is advisable to lay a layer of 15mm thick cement mortar before pouring with horizontal post-pouring belt, and its mix ratio is the same as that of concrete mortar.
    The concrete poured by the post-pouring belt is mixed with ordinary silicate cement and corresponding admixture.
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