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    The solving process of Common Problems During the Use of the Mixer(8)

    The mixer discharge door closes but no signal
    Failure phenomenon:
    After the mixer is unloaded, the unloading door is closed, but the door signal is irrelevant, causing the program to stop running.
    Cause Analysis:
    The proximity signal of the mixer discharge door proximity switch and the handle of the discharge handle does not exceed 5 mm to sense the signal. When the discharge door is not required by the oil pump pressure or the residual material in the mixer is caught when the discharge door is closed, the proximity switch is close to the handle of the handle without a signal, because the proximity switch or the handle of the handle is loose, so that the proximity is approached. When the distance exceeds 5mm, the proximity switch also does not sense the signal. If the proximity switch is damaged, there is no signal output.
    1. Check whether the working pressure of the hydraulic system of the discharge door meets the requirements (13MPa)..
    2, switch to manual, open the mixer discharge door, so that the stuck residual material falls behind and then close.
    3. Check if the proximity switch and the handle of the handle are loose.
    4. Check if the proximity switch is damaged.
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