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    In the using process of the concrete mixer and wear is inevitable, wear will affect the equipment production efficiency, so in the production process, the most important point is try to reduce the abrasion of the mobile batching plant  .
    How to reduce the wear of concrete mixer to improve production efficiency?
    First is lubrication of concrete mixer, need lubricating place a lot, and the method and quantity of lubricant are not the same, sometimes also need to replace the new lubricant, but also the need for a quantitative timing of false lubricant, users must understand these lubrication technology, ensure the lubrication of mobile batching plant  .
    The concrete mixer is easy to wear and tear of the part of the vibration sieve, mixing blades, surface, mixing cylinder, how to reduce the wear of these places? The key in the wear and vibration of bearing vibration sieve, the user must choose high quality bearings, lubrication device should be reasonable, the user must often carry on bearing lubrication; the stirring blades need mixing concrete,mini mobile batching plant so the general wear is more serious, which requires users to pay attention to avoid large hard objects or objects such as wire method mixing barrel at with the material, and regular maintenance of mixing blades; possible reasons for concrete mixer surface is the wear, impact, abrasion, micro sliding, rust and so on, which requires users to pay attention to avoid the collision, when in use, and keep the surface clean, found rust should be promptly dealt with; the mixing drum is often wear, this requires the user to clean up when the mixing tube immediately after the end of the work, to prevent the concrete mixing barrel in solidification.
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